Tiny Sky

Todos los problemas empiezan cuando uno deja su habitación y se lanza al mundo… esta frase podría resumir «Diminuto Cielo». El proceso de llegar a «Diminuto Cielo» le sirve al autor como excusa para enumerar e ironizar con humor sobre las causas de los minidramas del día a día.



Diminuto Cielo, published with the delicious Madrid bookstore Panta Rhei, is a real book-object. Bound in the Dutch style with a three-colour screen-printed cover, each page hides a treasure. Each of the illustrations is drawn on old notebook paper in the style of a real notebook, with typography drawn by hand by the author himself.

Diminuto Cielo presents an obsessive bio/graphical itinerary based on phrases and drawings accumulated over the years by Curro Rubira. The road travelled until reaching Diminuto Cielo has served the author as an excuse to list and ironize about the mini-dramas of everyday life. Humour has undoubtedly helped him to chase away ghosts of all colours.

"Tiny Heaven = Delicious Book"

"One of those books you should have on hand, for those times when you need a beauty shot."

Product features:

- Dutch binding. Black fabric spine and hard cover printed in 2 colours

- Measures: 17,5×17,5×2,5cm

- Guards and 156 pages

- High quality offset printing with stochastic screening

- Printed by: Palermo

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