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Comida de Pájaros is a book written and illustrated by Curro Rubira about the adventure of growing up and finding one's way.



This book is the author's particular and distant version of the journey undertaken by Hansel and Gretel. 80 sentences with 80 illustrations that capture the inevitable story of having to grow up, of having to face the world and suffer in the process. No one is spared, we all have to make that journey. Their memory is essential and a short pencil is better than a long memory.

At the end, as always, assess whether it was worth the journey. Perhaps you have inadvertently walked away from important things. That's when the crumbs that the birds couldn't eat can help you find your way back.

A true author's book, superbly bound with double pages and folding cover and printed with stochastic screening that intensifies the masses of black and the colours.

This is the reason for so much ranting and raving: there is often nothing to say.

What fits when alone, in silence, is only good if it can withstand the noise.

It is with others that I lose my company and lose myself in other people's thoughts.

Everything I hear behind the wall I deserve.


Product features:

- High quality offset printing with stochastic screening

- Measurements: 13x21x2cm

- Printed by: Palermo

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 13 × 2 × 21 mm
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