Lucky Cat Hulk Green Diminuto Cielo

Diminuto Cielo Lucky Cat in Hulk Green. Every colour brings a different kind of luck. Hulk Green attracts: “Brings Luck to Relatives”

If you get your Lucky Cat don’t forget to put it facing the entrance or the door.


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Lucky Cat is the most elegant version of the classic black cat, fortune cat or Maneki-Neko. There are 3 assorted sizes in 15 colours! These fortune cats’ task is to bring luck, and every colour has a special meaning:  

BLUE: Fulfil your dreams (Be careful what you ask for)
MALVA: Freedom, Power and Love
SOFT PINK: Find your ideal match
ORANGE attracts luck & fortune to travellers
SOFT BLUE: Professional success
HULK GREEN: Brings Luck to Relatives
GREEN COCKTAIL: Fertility. Luck for your children
RED: Good luck. Success in love
YELLOW: Money is on the way. Good luck
TURQUOISE: Good luck and intelligence
BLACK: Prevents bad luck and increases happiness
SILVER: Luck in business
WHITE: Purity, good things to come
RED VIOLET: Wit and creativity

Despite common thought, Lucky Cats come from Japan where they are called Maneki-Neko. The error comes from the Chinese saying that, when a cat rubs its face with its paw, it means that someone will pop in or that it is going to rain (good luck signal). At present lucky or fortune cats, whether of Chinese or Japanese origin, are used all over the world to bring luck in private homes and businesses.

It moves it little leg. It runs on batteries, not included). NOTICE: ON / OFF is default factory-setting disabled. It will not work on any cat. To stop this, remove the batteries.


  • Sizes: BIG: 12x9x18cm MEDIUM: 10x6x15cm and SMALL: 8x4x12cm. (aprox. length/ width/height for each piece)
  • Maneki-Neko or hand-painted lucky cat
  • We accept PayPal and Credit Cards
  • Worldwide shipments from Spain
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