Casita Vase

This "Vase Casita", within the "Serie Humo" is the little sister of the "Vase Humo". A handmade ceramic piece where, metaphorically, the plants or flowers make the smoke. The vase is designed to last forever, dry or preserved flowers. It does not admit water.



Continuing with my obsession with houses and fumes... This "Casita Vase", within the "Humo Series" and younger sister of Smoke VaseThe "Cotto", is a handmade ceramic piece where, in a poetic way, the plants or flowers make the smoke at the same time. The colour and shape of this smoke varies according to the flower or plant chosen: the "Gypsophila Paniculata" with its little flowers, some branches of eucalyptus, a bouquet of "bear's grass" or a branch of "Sinforicarpo"... are perfect. The vase is intended to be forever, dried or preserved flowers. It does not admit water. Still, as you can see in the picture, flowers like liliums or wallflowers are very beautiful. You choose the plants or flowers to create your own smoke.


  • Dimensions: 10x10x10cm. (length/width/height approx. each piece)
  • Handmade ceramic vase
  • No water allowed
  • We accept PayPal and credit cards
  • Worldwide shipping from Spain

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Weight 1.5 kg
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